Saturday, September 22, 2007


Chris Brown is the genius behind Urban Prairie. A man with a finely tuned eye for the found and forlorn, Chris' edgy out of the box country style is inspiring the next generation of "found" collectors. Probably the funkiest looking site I've seen in ages. Chris says, “I’ve found that the people that are drawn to my style, my design sense are more than just collectors. They are people who want to live a simple life with things they love around them - in an interesting way.”


Okay, so I'm not really sure who Chris Brown is other than it says he's a designer/stylist/collector. Something about the next generation of country design. Whatever, his Urban Prairie web site is beautifully designed. This page took my breath away. I love the typography, layered illustrations and the gritty handmade feel. Very cool.


If there are any of you out there who also love doll heads you may want to check out this link. This site has the most awesome vintage doll head wallpaper for your desktop. It's the image on my laptop and desktop computer. Makes me happy every time I look at it. If doll heads aren't your thing, this website still has some great inspiration and is definitely worth a look. Urban Prairie is a site that all lovers of country antiques should visit. Note: This is not your grandmother's country. Chris Brown is a designer/stylist and founder of Urban Prairie and he has an incredible eye. His refreshing and modern interpretations of country style are not to be missed. Definitely worth getting a cuppa java or tea and clicking through his whole site.


At first glance the tattooed, rebel hillybilly badboy image might throw you. That side of the country designer, stylist, collector and creator of the wildly hip site URBAN PRAIRIE does exit, but just begin talking to Chris and you'll find passion and a immediate soft side. Although his motto, THIS IS NOT YOUR AUNT MARY'S COUNTRY best describes his edgy, outside the box style, Brown envisions and creates designs, displays and vignettes with not only odd, rusted, cracked and faded items but with plenty of white roses, vintage lace and time loved photos. His Urban Prairie site has become a cult favorite with the "new generation" of designers and collectors. Chris's first book, "Crack Heads" is due out soon. The book features Chris's collection of cracked, faded and wore vintage doll heads and how they can be used in everyday displays - Just another way of symbolizing Chris's rebellion against the cookie-cutter aesthetic.

Quote from Chris: "I like to take things people don't see as beautiful, and somehow make them beautiful."

Quote from David Butler; contributing editor/Country Living magazine:
"Urban Prairie is an aesthetic and an attitude that embodies all that is cool about American country design. It encapsulates the keenest sensibilities of a uniquely middle-American vibe. In the same way that graphic, home decor and fashion "scenes" on the coasts have a certain character, Chris Brown captures the pure, fresh, raw energy of the heartlands. It's rockabilly for your eyes!"