Monday, November 19, 2007



Chris Brown is bit of a dichotomy. A good old, cowboy-hat-wearing country boy with a heart of gold, and an artistic collector, design lovin', tattooed rebel!

Chris first introduced us to the hipper side of country with his blog, Urban Prairie, then his updated, modern-twisted Urban Prairie Refueled, and now he's introducing us to his Urban Prairie Blogshop. An electric mix of odd meets modern day, the Blogshop offers alt-country assemblages, collections, odd one-offs and the curious goods Chris has come to be known for.

The Blogshop is currently carrying these groovy little grab bags called Curious Goods - Mini Collections in a Bag. Chris hand selects these unique and wonderful curiosities and packs them together in one-of-a-kind little bundles, all to help jump start your creative juices. Chris suggests perhaps you take the contents and display them as-is for a cool little artistic vignette, or select individual items and build a larger collection. Think of the flea market fun! The possibilities are endless and they make a great quirky gift for the burgeoning artist in every family.

I love this collection called 'White Wedding' -it sold to some lucky bride to be. Four items assembled together to create a odd, white tabletop vignette. Well worn, off-white ACME cowgirl boots, lace and plastic 15th anniversary wedding cake topper, small bottle of Holy water & three white scale weights. I do!

Urban Prairie Refueled has an amazing aesthetic and is truly a fun visit. Chris has wonderfully clever ideas to take vintage finds to a fresh modern place. I loved his idea of taking retro clothing labels and stitching them to plain old cotton t-shirts. I've been collecting these old tags for years, and now Chris has provided me with a long awaited plan for them!

For an additional bit of country fun, read this interview on Chris from designer & collector David Butler for Country Living magazine. I'm gonna put on some Dwight and have a read.


Alongside people like Amy Butler, Chris is giving new definition to American West country style, updating it with a hip modern sensibility, and yet maintaining a strong retro feel.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Chris Brown; country designer, stylist, collector and creator of the wildly hip site URBAN PRAIRIE emailed to let us know about his assemblages available on his blogshop. Country style has never been so hip! Check the website, the blog and our earlier post.

Friday, November 9, 2007


I must admit if you asked me about Chris Brown before today... I would think you were referring to the young R&B singer.
But this morning I stumbled upon Chris Brown (the designer/stylist/collector) of Urban Prairie.

And I'm so glad I did. I really am not a country kind of girl, but he is so far from what I normally think of country. He loves vintage and found objects, making something beautiful out of unloved objects, it’s edgy, raw, mixed with white roses and lace, and topped off with an urban feel. I LIKE IT… I REALLY LIKE IT!!!

You can read his personal blog called URBAN PRAIRIE REFUELED OR his website URBAN PRAIRIE .

(I know ladies... sorry he's very taken)